Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Importance of a Professional Business Portrait

The Importance of a Professional
Business Portrait.

And how to get the most out of a professional photo shoot.

In today’s digital age, with smart phones and pocket camera’s it seems anyone can make a descent photo, but when it comes to marketing yourself or your business, it’s probably not a good idea to cut corners. It may be tempting to save costs and not hire a professional for your branding, however consider this:

Photography is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Although the old adage says “don’t judge a book by its cover”, I believe we all absolutely do. When looking though newspapers, magazines, social media or internet advertising, our eyes naturally go to the photographs before we ever read the words. A great photo can make the difference between catching someone’s attention or not. And a bad photo can loose a potential client in seconds. We make instant judgments about a product or someone’s professionalism, by the first thing we see. And most likely the first thing we see is the photograph.  So, if you are marketing yourself, it’s essential to have a photograph that stands out from the rest and one that looks like you take your business seriously. 

There is a big difference between a professional portrait and a snapshot a friend took with their smart phone. A professional photographer understands customized lighting, good skin tones, professional retouching, interesting/and flattering poses, appealing backdrops, and high-resolution images. In the end, a great photo is an investment worth making.

Once you’ve found a photographer that fits your needs, here are 5 tips on how to prepare for your portrait photo shoot. 

  1. Give your photographer as much information about yourself and your business as possible. This will help them be able to highlight your best features and understand what you’re trying to achieve.  If you have a specific idea in mind, share it with them, but also be open to the photographer’s creativity. Often they will have an idea that you may not have occurred to you. Perhaps bring sample photos that appeal to you.

  1. Bring several out fits, and remember to pick clothes that you feel comfortable in. Choose clothing that say’s something about you and that portrays your own personal style. It’s important to express who you are and not what you think you “should” be. However, choosing solid colors in medium tones, or clothes with texture generally photographs the best. Also avoid logos and distracting prints.

  1. Plan Ahead. Get your hair cut at least a week before your photo session is scheduled. The last thing you want is to hate the way your hair looks. Also schedule your shoot at a time of day when you usually feel your best. 

  1. Decide whether you want indoor/studio photography or outdoor lighting. The backdrop is a significant tool in highlighting your specific needs. Choose a background that is clean and simple. 

5.    Keep in mind that you’re having your photo taken to show off the    
      best in you.  The most successful shoots are relaxed, casual and      
      spontaneous: don’t be nervous, it’s fun.